Bearskin E-book live, Paperback to come!

Bearskin is live! The E-book is available now, and the paperback is working its way through Ingram’s process now.  I will update here when it, also is live.

The image is a universal book link, and will update automatically when the paperback becomes available.


How do you cheat the devil?

Cut loose and abandoned after a losing war, Gregor seeks to bury the past and find a future.  Any future. 

When his own stubbornness leads to a desperate deal with the devil, Gregor must forge a new path. Can he use the devil’s silver to aid those the devil would thwart?  Can mortal man beat the devil at his own game?

Gregor sets out to do just that, and heaven help the devil if he tries to drag anyone else into it.

Whirlwind of Stars Live

Welcome all!

Our first Offering, Whirlwind of Stars by Heather Strickler, is now available for purchase at most major outlets.

Universal book link (pick your favorite store!):

Some worlds end in Fire

Some in Ice.

A whirlwind swept Karsus away.

Sarah Macaran survived. Kidnapped, struggling with strange powers. She stowed away in the Toto’s cargo hold, but Scarcrow and the Toto’s crew have other worries: Dorothy vanished.

Can Sarah unravel the mysteries before the Wind finds her? Or the Witches of the Galaxy take matters into their own hands?